Agency and Production Company 

Hello and Welcome to the Royal Film Company. Your film agency and production house for royal ideas and special projects.  

Our business is the conception and production of feature films, series, documentaries, social media content, live streaming and branded entertainment. Here we like to mix different generics to achieve the best result for our partners.  Be it producing a feature film like an advertisement or an advertisement as a feature film – our goal is lasting emotional impact and majestic entertainment.

Our longstanding experiences in all areas make us the perfect partner to meet your needs.

Our Heritage  

the Royal Film Company was founded in 1934 - by cameraman M. Schneider and the producer Ben Weide.

Over the years, many successful international formats were developed and produced. These include countless series for European and South American television, like the 1973 Peruvian box office hit „El corazon del Rio“ or „the ten commandments of love“ wich hit portuguese screens in 1986. In 2003 the areas of advertisement and cinema production were expanded and strengthened. Today, the headquarter is located in Stuttgart/Germany with a branch office in Dublin and London.

In 1956, while filming in Rhodesia, M. Carpenter was severely attacked by a lion, but surviveded by defending himself with the tripod of his camera. From that day on the natives called Carpenter „lembe ingonyama“, meaning „He who fights the lion“. The filming lion became the logo of the company and our pround motto has been „We fight like a lion for our films“ ever since.

Feature Film & Documentary 

Conception & Production by Royal Film Company


With the experience of more than sixty feature films and series, the Royal Film Company is your perfect partner in storytelling and production. With our network of international Screenwriters, Directors and Actors we are able to create and produce the perfect Feature Film in Animation and/or Real film. Several documentaries were produced for the international and local market, including the acclaimed „My fallen breadcrumbs“ and „A day in the life of Sybil“ by famous dutch director Walter Van Leysenbeek.

Commercials & Branded Entertainment & Live Broadcast


Conception & Production by Royal Film Company 

We design and create commercials and campaigns for Brands all over Europe. These include your classic TV- or brand commercial and movies about  your company’s image or philosophy. We conceive and create Branded Entertainment like Branded Series, TV- feature films or web-specials. And we offer our vast experience in live streaming to your Facebook-page or YouTube Stream. Crown your efforts with success and turn your company into a stylish online brand!

Green Shooting


The Royal Film Company is one of only few film production houses around the world, that offers a full CO2 neutral production. This includes organic food for the entire crew, sustainable power solutions and a 100% compensation on all CO2 emissions.  Help us to save the Planet for future kings and queens!




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