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About Us

One day, while filming in Africa, M. Carpenter was severely attacked by an angry warthog family, but survived the incident by defending himself with the tripod of his camera. From that day on, the natives called Carpenter „lembe ingonyama“, meaning „He who fights like a lion“. A lion operating a camera became the logo of the Company and our proud motto has been „We fight like a lion for our films“ ever since.

Having a soft spot for liquor of all kinds, the Royal Film Company expanded its portfolio in 2003 to include commercial content, starting with an advertising spot for the famous Slivovitz brand „Sayonara Sarajevo“, instantly making it the number one liquor of Bosnia. Cheers!

Green Shooting

Sustainability drives us. The Royal Film Company is one of the few film production houses around the world that offers a full carbon neutral production. This includes sustainable power solutions, 100% compensation on all carbon emissions with our partners from Atmosfair and organic food for the entire crew. In 2019 the Royal Film Company was awarded the „Deauville Green Award“ as the most sustainable production house worldwide.


Heads up, film libraries! We scan your analogue films and bring them into the digital age. With our Filmfabriek Analogue Scanner we can offer you a resolution up to 4K for the formats 8mm, Super8mm, 16mm and Super16mm. The sound pickup can be done optically as well as magnetically.

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